Titanium Straw (Cow) 8mm


  • Strong & Rigid
  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Effect of photocatalyst; curbing growth of germs
  • Eco-friendly; sustainable use
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Titanium Straw (Cow) 

The straw is made from a seamless titanium tube.

The product has been heated to vary the thickness of the surface oxide layer; causing a variety of bright colors.
Slight variations in tones of color are to be expected.


For our environment, it is highly recommended to use a reusable straw instead of a disposable plastic straw.

As each of the straw is polished by hand, slight variations in length are to be expected.

Titanium Straw Collection

1. Cleaning & Care Instructions

A. Cleaning
– For the first time using, please cleanse the product with soap or neutral detergent for several times, or you may soak the product in hot water before washing. Be noted not to use Sodium Carbonate; detergents containing baking soda or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) would destroy the film of titanium dioxide on the surface of the product, which would further lead to discoloration exposing the original color of silvery grey. The product however remains safe in spite of the fading of the color.
– Titanium tableware can be cleaned with just a small amount of dish-washing liquid as it has hydrophilic properties (dirt can be removed easily). Titanium is as hard as stainless steel, it can still get scratched though (it however remains non-toxic and safe even when scratched). You can soak the product in hot water first and then wash it if severely stained with gravy.
– Unfilled product may discolor when being highly heated, the appearance cannot be restored; this is normal and safe.

B. Maintenance
– Water marks are likely to stay after washing, wipe it dry if you do not like those marks.
– Titanium is environmentally friendly as it is rigid and does not rust, the product can be used for lifetime.

2. Ways of Use

– Dish-dryer | Applicable. However, purplish blue powders of titanium dioxide may appear on the surface of the product if it has been dried with a dish dryer that has ozone (O3) function. This is normal and can be easily wiped off.
– Electric Rice Cooker | Applicable.
Single-walled products can get quite hot after being heated; be careful not to take them with bare hands. While double-walled products are designed to be insulated, they are therefore not suitable for heating. Unfilled products are expected to change its color after being highly heated; this is normal and safe. Pork fat and fish oil tend to be absorbed by titanium, oil marks would be found on the surface of the product once dried. It may not look good but it remains non-toxic.
– Stove | Products filled with contents can be used on stove. However, they may discolor if unfilled. (Titanium changes its color when highly heated and cannot be restored; this is one of the chemical properties of titanium)
– Microwave | Not applicable
Double-walled products cannot be microwaved. For single-walled products, you may find the upper part of the contents warm while the bottom part still cold, and the handle of the product would get hot and is expected to discolor as well.
– Induction Cooker | Not applicable
Titanium is non-magnetic and a poor conductor of electricity.

3. Color
All of our products have been polished revealing the metallic color of silvery grey. After heating at extremely high temperatures, the thickness of the surface oxide layer is varied and strengthened; showing a variety of colors as refracted through streams of light. This is called a self-generated color of titanium.

No chemical coating has been applied to the product, some scratches made during the polishing process can thus be found on the product surface. No protective coating of silicone has been applied either, the film of titanium dioxide may therefore be destructed when heated and further lead to discoloration as a result (product may return to its original color of silvery grey). This is normal and the product can still be used without a doubt.

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