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No Risk of Heavy Metal Poisoning

All of our products are made of titanium (approximately 99.5% of pure titanium). Titanium is corrosion resistant; all products can be used for acid or alkaline beverages such as tea, coffee or lemonade without the risk of getting heavy metal poisoning. Titanium is believed to be the safest material for making tableware products.

No Chemical Coating

All of our products have been heated at high temperatures to vary the thickness of the surface oxide layer; causing a variety of bright colors. By controlling the thickness of titanium dioxide that forms on the surface of the metal, we are able to make our products colored without the addition of pigment or chemical coating; this method of coloration is much safer than the traditional methods of electroplating and anodizing.

Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst

Titanium is proved to have “decomposing ability” and “hydrophilic properties” upon exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight). It readily reacts with oxygen in air forming a layer of titanium dioxide that protects the metal from further oxidation; it is therefore rustproof. As it can decompose various organic substances, it removes dirt and odors, as well as curbs the growth of germs to keep the product clean and odorless.


Photocatalyst titanium dioxide uses ultraviolet light contained in sunlight and lamp-light, so it is an environmentally-friendly material. Titanium is strong, rigid and durable yet extraordinarily light with about half the weight of iron. The self-cleaning performance of titanium makes rinsing much easier that minimizes the consumption of water and dish-washing liquid, implying the reduction of pollution to the earth.

With over 10 years of experiences in making titanium products, we are able to make beautiful and functional titanium tableware products. Our craftsmanship and color-treatment have exceeded other countries, with quality guaranteed. Our mission is to enhance everyday life by providing safer tableware that will exceed your expectations.

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